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Wayne Parker Breaks Boundries

8 - 11 March 2012 - Philadelphia, USA

Question: “The question on everybody’s mind, How was it for you?”
Answer: “The experience was really mind-blowing. The Alan Hopkins Super Billiards Expo cannot be explained, one has to be there to experience it for yourself. The magnitude and variety is out of this world. I could compare it to the Rand Easter Show, but only billiard related. Stall after stall, only cues, balls, tables, accessories, and even raw pieces of wood which could be purchased to have a custom cue made for you. What really impressed me, was that there Wayne and Mike Massiwere over 222 Diamond billiard tables set up for the various tournaments and events. Another thing that impressed me was that not one cue tip was replaced by hand, but rather done so using a lathe. There were about 10 lathes all around used for thinning down cues, and for ferrule and tip replacements. I had a new Talisman tip put on my cue, and it only took about 5 min, and I was ready to play! Amazing. I also took a video clip with my phone, quickly walking through every stall of the entire expo, and it took me about 45 min to shoot from beginning to end. I was able to meet some of the well known pro Pool players like Corey Duel, Jennifer Barretta, Ralph Souquet, Rodney Morris, and Darren Appleton, not to mention some of the trick-shot pro players such as Andy Segal, Jason Lynch, Nick Nikolaidis, Tom Rossman, and so many others. An experience I will never forget!”

Question: “Tell us about the world title you won, how did the format work and what actually happened?”
Answer: “36 players were divided into groups of 4, and had to perform pre-selected shots from a Trick-Shot manual consisting of 8 disciplines categorised namely: Trick & Fancy, Special Arts, Draw (back-spin), Follow (top-spin), Jump, Bank & Kick, Stroke, and Masse shots. In each of these disciplines a World Champion was crowned for the best performance in that respective discipline. Each discipline had 5 shots with various degrees of difficulty. What made it really tough was that there were no practice tables available for players to practice on. On the first day of the tournament, I performed poorly with my first two disciplines, as I never understood the format of play, but soon got into the swing of things. The next day the “Draw shot” category was up. My first 6 pointer shot I managed to do successfully in my second attempt scoring 5 points. The rest of the 7, 8, 9 and 10 pointer shots I successfully pulled off with my first attempts, scoring 39 out of 40 points. Andy Segal who was the defending World Champion and defender of the World Draw shot title, also scored 39 out of 40 points. South Africa and USA were tied, but after the tournament co-ordinator analysed the results carefully, it was found that I scored more points with my first attempts than Andy Segal, which awarded me the WPA World Draw Shot Champion title!” It was a very memorable first-time experience for me at the World Championships. Out of the 36 world class Artistic Pool players who competed, I finished off in 18th position.”

11-13 July 2012— Shenyang, China


Wayne represented Africa again, but this time in the WPA World Class Artistic Pool Masters Cup held in Shenyang, China. This was the first time ever for China to host such an event. Only the top 12 World Class Trick-Shot artists from all around the world were invited to compete in this most prestigious, all expenses paid, event. The 12 Professional Trick-Shot Artists who were invited were: Mark Dimmick (USA), Jason Lynch (USA), Jamey Gray (USA), Wayne Parker (Africa), Abram Diaz (USA), Tim Chin (USA), Steve Markle (USA), Charles Darling (USA), Nick ‘Quick Nick’ Nikolaidis (Canada), Florian Kohler (France), Sebastian Gumelli (Argentina), and Gabi Visoiu (Romania). The event was played using a 12 player format of 4 groups with 3 players in each group. Each player had to perform 32 pre-determined Artistic Pool shot challenges which were once again categorised into the 8 discipline categories.
There were 3 groups of cash prizes to be won: Top 4 ($2000.00 each), middle 4 ($500.00 each), and bottom 4 ($250.00 each). After a nail-biting final day, the results were calculated with Wayne Parker finishing off 4th in the world, earning himself $2000.00! Another feather in his cap!

Final Results

1st Jamey Gray USA
2nd Nick Nikolaidis CANADA
3rd Sebastian Gumelli ARGENTINA
4th Wayne Parker AFRICA
5th Gabi Visoiu ROMANIA
6th Florian Kohler FRANCE
7th Charles Darling USA
8th Tim Chin USA
9th Mark Dimick USA
10th Steve Markle USA
11th Abram Diaz USA
12th Jason Lynch USA



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