Guidance for your Game

“But what if I miss?” …But what if you don’t?

Your thoughts determine your actions, your actions determine your habits, and your habits ultimately determine your destination.
So my question to you is: Where do you want to end up in your game and life?

Many of us would agree that we want to experience Victory in some way, form or fashion. So here is a small principle that can help you achieve Victory in your game and life.

Sometimes when we are in a pressure situation in a game, we tend to be afraid of missing a shot, which can result in us losing the game. We don’t want to lose, so we tend to play the shot cautiously and negatively. My remedy for this is:

Make a conscious choice in deciding to accept the consequences of your shot beforehand. Consider the fact that it is possible that you could miss the shot, but also consider that fact that it is equally possible to make the shot successfully.

“But what if I miss?”  …But what if you don’t?

Having considered both options, choose which option you would rather prefer. I’m sure all of us will choose to play the shot positively. Having made your decision, think about playing the shot as if it is going to work out well! Visualise in your mind of how you want it to work out. Then go down and play your shot with that visual in mind.

Putting this action into practice will begin to create a positive attitude and will eventually become a good habit. For as a man thinks in his heart, so is he. Remember, in a pressure situation, by not choosing to play a shot positively, one will naturally tend to play negatively by default.

As a very good friend of mine always says…

“Rack up a Victory in your Game and Life!”

Guidance for your Game

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