Guidance for your Game

Pre-Shot Routine - Planning

The quality of your preparation will determine the quality of your execution.

There are players who struggle getting to the next level in their game and this can be very frustrating!
A great place to start improvement is always at the beginning, and that is in the pre-shot routine.

A pre-shot routine is one of the healthiest things to develop in your game. It allows you to prepare for the actual execution of your shot in a much more effective way.
Players who have an effective pre-shot routine will confirm that it has helped them maintain a consistency in their game, especially with cue ball control and when going for clearances.
Here are a few guide lines to help you build a healthy pre-shot routine for your game.
Consider the following before approaching the table:

  • Is the finish up, or should you opt for a strategic shot.
  • A shot objective should be consciously decided on before approaching the table.
  • How to play the shot should be decided. Ie: What spin, power, etc
  • Are you going to choose to play the shot confidently? If not you probably won’t.
  • Try walking around the table to observe some scenarios which could have been over looked.
  • Is your cue properly chalked up?
  • Important – Have you decided exactly where you want to cue ball to end up?
  • Are you enjoying your game? This I have found to ease off the pressure at times.  


These points will assist you in the planning of your shot before you approach the table.
Next time we can go over actually executing the shot once your pre-shot planning is complete and you are ready to approach the table.
Remember that it takes discipline to invest in the time to plan and prepare before approaching the table, but the return on your investment will be most rewarding.

“Play skillfully with a shout of Joy!”

Guidance for your Game

I have found the following to be effective for me in the execution...



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